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Kris Neal, hrnčiar a majiteľ spoločnosti Fire & Earth Pottery, posunul zadosťučinenie pri sledovaní vytvárnia umenia na úplne novú úroveň. Na svojom konte na Instagrame zverejnil niekoľko videí, v ktorých ukazuje svoje umenie. Jeho videá boli zobrazené viac ako miliónkrát a naozaj sa nečudujeme – jeho ruky tvarujúce keramické misky pôsobia trochu zvláštne uspokojujúco.



Bottle with spiral slip- I’m excited, this is my first video to feature music! 🎉🎉🎉 The song is Cleopatra by @thelumineers. I love this song! Here’s what I’m doing in the video- First I throw a bottle (in this case it will be an olive oil bottle) One of the important things in making a bottle is that the walls have to be very uniform, because in order to collar in the neck, if there are any spots that are too thin, it just might buckle. After throwing the bottle, I add a generous amount of slip with my hand. Next I clean up any that got onto the wheel, so I can see where my pot starts. Now with the wheel spinning slowly, I run a flexible rib up the bottle. In between swipes, I clean off the excess slip from the rib with my left hand fingers. I time it so that each revolution has a swipe, a rib clean and then another swipe as the wheel comes around again, making sure each new swipe follows just behind the last. I find this a very fun technique that can add a lot of motion and visual interest to a pot! – – – #pottery #ceramics #clay#stoneware #wheelthrown @justartspiration @pottery_videos

Video uverejnené používateľom Kris Neal (@fire_and_earth_pottery),

Trimming, so meditative and relaxing 😄 The song is “Stolen Dance” by @milkychance_official. I could listen to this song over and over its so good! What I’m doing in this video is called “trimming a foot ring”. It’s mostly a decorative touch you might do to a pot just to give it a more finished appearance. Once the pot has set up a bit, I turn it onto its rim, re-center it, and attach it to the wheel with 3 clay supports so it doesn’t go flying off the wheel. Then using various trimming tools I carefully remove clay from selected areas to reveal the foot ring. I love the sensation of trimming a pot, the way the curls flow out of the pot and tumble away, I can feel it through my fingers, it’s so satisfying and peaceful. . . . . #pottery #clay #ceramics #stoneware #wheelthrown

Video uverejnené používateľom Kris Neal (@fire_and_earth_pottery),

Bowl With Bounced Slip- The song is “Renegades” by @xambassadors. This song has such a cool vibe, I love it! Here’s what I’m doing in the video- First I throw a bowl, this one is more enclosed because I planned to add a decorative feature to the outside of the pot. Next I apply a pretty thick amount of slip to the bowl. Now with the wheel spinning slowly I brace my wrist on the splash pan, and in a pretty well timed fashion bounce into and off of the bowl. Each rib strike removes a little slip, that’s the recessed part of the design, and each lift off leaves a little alone, that’s the high spot. If you bounce quicker you get a tighter, ridges closer together effect. That works best of your slip is quite stiff. Next I use the rib to clean up the bottom edge of the slip decoration. The reason I came up with his technique was that I wanted to emulate the kind of ridges you could get from carving into the clay, but I’m not patient enough for carving, so I thought maybe a similar effect could be achieved with slip, and it can! !!TIP!! This technique works best when the bowl has firmed up over night, because not only does the slip soften the pot, but in order for the bouncing effect to look crisp, the pot has to be firm enough to not be pushed inward by each successive rib bounce. . . . . #pottery #ceramics #clay #stoneware #wheelthrown

Video uverejnené používateľom Kris Neal (@fire_and_earth_pottery),

Spiral slip in detail- The song is “Hero” by @familyoftheyear. Sometimes when I’m throwing, I’ll just put this song on repeat, it’s so pretty, and I find the lyrics so meaningful. Here’s what I’m doing in the video– Previously I’d made a video that showed throwing a bowl, and then adding slip to the rim to create a spiral effect. In this video I’m focusing just on the slip application, at a slower speed so you can get a better look at it. After the bowl has set up over night, I add about 1/4 inch thick of slip to the place I want the effect. Next I use a rib to level out the slip, and then I clean up the interior edge. Now with the wheel turning slowly I gently ease the rib into the slip, and pull a little towards myself. The spinning away of the bowl and my slight movement toward myself creates an outward radiating groove in the slip. I time it so that each swipe is followed by a rib clean-up and then another swipe that’s just to the left of the previous one. On this bowl I wanted to create a defining line between the spiral and the center of the bowl, so using my squeeze bottle full of slip, I add a very thick bead just a little inward of where the spiral starts. Now using a rib I carefully ease into the slip bead and push slowly outward until the bead just overlaps the spiral a bit. Finally I clean up the interior of the bowl with the rib, and there you’ve got your design! P.S.- if you’d like to show the Fire & Earth Pottery Facebook page some love with a “Like” I’d appreciate it 😉 . . . #pottery #ceramics #clay #art #wheelthrown #stoneware

Video uverejnené používateľom Kris Neal (@fire_and_earth_pottery),

Double row of bounced slip- The song is “Spirits” by @thestrumbellas. I love their music, such a cool vibe to this song. Here’s what I’m doing in the video – First I throw a bowl, then after letting it set up over night I put it back on the wheel. Next I add a thick layer of slip to the top half of the bowl, now with the wheel turning slowly and bracing my wrist on the splash pan, I bounce the rib into and off of the slip. This move is all in my wrist, my fingers are locked tight on the rib, and the motion is timed pretty carefully to keep the design consistent. Next I add a thick layer of slip to the bottom of the bowl, and repeat the process. Whether the design “lines up” or not doesn’t really matter, if it lines up it looks cool and when the design has an offset staggered appearance it looks cool, so you can’t go wrong! If you throw pots try it out, it’s a dramatic texture, and glazes love it! . . . . #pottery #ceramics #clay #stoneware #wheelthrown #art

Video uverejnené používateľom Kris Neal (@fire_and_earth_pottery),

Sodium Silicate Stretching- The song is “Ghost” by @jeremymessersmith. I love this song, I could listen to it over and over! Back when videos could only be 15 seconds, I’d shown a technique called sodium silicate stretching. I wanted to now show it in more detail. Here’s how it works- First I throw a cylinder, but the pulls for this technique are different than for a normal cylinder. I’m trying to gain height, but not lose wall thickness, so it’s several light pulls followed by a hard collaring in and a slide up of my hands. This really just changes the position of the clay, from low and wide, to more slender and tall, but still thick in the wall. After I get the pot as tall as it can be with a wall thickness of about 3/4 to an inch thick, I run a rib up the exterior to smooth it, and make sure the interior wall is also very smooth. Next I apply a solution called Sodium Silicate to the outside with a soft brush. The more coats you apply, the bigger the crackle texture. Once that’s in place, I use a blow torch to heat the surface of the pot (a hair drier or heat gun also works) this dries out the Sodium Silicate, causing the exterior of the pot to become crispy. Now I wet the interior of the pot only (careful not to let water get on the outside, this might interfere with the crackle pattern). Next I carefully slide my left hand inside the pot, and rest my left thumb and right middle finger on the rim (where I didn’t apply any solution) for bracing. Now With my wheel speed slightly higher than for normal shaping, I press outward with my left middle finger, and lift upward pretty sharply, the first couple outward shaping moves can also gain some height if you lift sharply during the move. Once I get 3/4 of the way up the inside of the pot, I reach just below the rim and push out and slide down. You’ve got to take this kind of shaping slow, your finger could pop through one of the fractures. Finally I shape the top clay, and there you’ve got your pot! #pottery #ceramics #clay #stoneware #wheelthrown #art

Video uverejnené používateľom Kris Neal (@fire_and_earth_pottery),


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